Sunday, 24 May 2015

Bowls of colour

I am making a few small objects to sell for charity at our village fete next month. Here are 3 felt bowls. Useful for holding bits and bobs, and I love the way they hold their pod like shape, yet are so light. I made them with different bright colours on the inside, and a mid grey wool on the outside, Again, I followed the great tutorial from Rosiepink.

I like the way the bright colour fibres have worked through the grey and give a haze of the inner colour on the outside. I did incorporate circular resists in them all, but this only really worked on the yellow bowl. On the others they ended up in the wrong places, so I did not cut them out - that's their little secret! 

I added some simple running stitch.

Talking of colour, just look at these amazing irises that we saw at Helmingham Hall today!  

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