Thursday, 15 October 2015

Experimenting with colour and texture

I made this piece as a possible wall hanging. I kept the colours pale, with whites and neutrals, and added hints of pastel tones above and below the resist strips, which show where the layers are slashed open. 

The texture on the top is created with wool nepps, pieces of white scrim, curly locks, and silk hankies. 
I like the restrained touches or colour in this, so that the texture is predominant. 

This is similar to a piece I made a while ago. I might add some embroidery and beading in the slashes, in which case I'll post another picture.

Slow sloe gin

The edge of our garden is a wild hedge row, and this year there are lots of sloes on the blackthorn bushes. And there is really only one thing to do with sloes, as they are toe-curlingly bitter in their raw state. 

Apparently a superstition says the berries must be pricked with a silver needle before use. Well I used a wooden cocktail stick! 

Here they are with the addition of sugar and gin, in sterilised jars. The recipe I used calls for 450gm sloes, 225gm caster sugar, and 1ltr of gin. 

We should shake the bottles every couple of days for a fortnight, then every week. By Christmas it should be ready, and we can strain the liquid through muslin into bottles. The longer you keep it the better it gets. 
I'll post a picture of the finished product!