Thursday, 8 December 2016

Poinsettia Christmas Wreath

I wanted to make a large Christmas wreath for our front door. I had a twisted twig circle which I have used as a base in previous years to wire fresh holly to, lacerating my fingers in the process. I gave it a spray of sparkly varnish. 
I found a great and easy tutorial from Ruth at Permutations in Fiber . Using green and red merino, and some wisps of silk, that worked very well. I used metallic red thread on the red petals (bracts?).   I had no yellow beads, so I needle felted a splodge of yellow in the centres, and added silver beads which gives it a zing. 

I glue-gunned them onto the twig base, and then gave the flowers a spray with waterproofing protector, as they will be outside. 



  1. Wonderful Deborah! Glad you enjoyed the tutorial :)

    1. Thank you Ruth! I was really pleased with the result. I know there are lots of amazing ways to make felt flowers, and I was a bit worried about leaving cut edges on the felt, but stitching round before cutting worked well, and in fact the way the "petals" curled up a bit makes the flowers look very effective.