Saturday, 15 January 2011


Photophore is the word used for marine animals that glow in the dark! It is also what the French call little candle holders that let the light filter through in a pretty way.
I made these little tealight holders to decorate my dining table this Christmas. I wet felted them around a resist and then shaped them around the glass holders. Finished then with a few crystal beads. The felt is quite  fine and I like the way the light flickers through it.

Friday, 14 January 2011

A felted flower to start...

I am fascinated by felt.
Having never made a blog before, this is all rather an experiment, and, just as with felting, I expect I'll learn by trial and error.

This little flower and leaf were wet felted using merino wool and silk
and then I added some free motion machine stitching. And a couple of shell buttons to finish.
Maybe it needs a little felted frog for authenticity.

One of my favourite french words is Nénuphar.

The most beautiful waterlilies I have seen are at Latour Marliac, Le Temple-sur-Lot in France (where I took this picture - spot the frog?). They have the French national waterlily collection, and it's where Monet ordered his plants.

All this has given me a felting idea...
A "raft" of flat water lily leaves - a bit more delicate than this, and paler - just connecting where they touch, with a few flowers and buds, in a paler colour. Could be a table centrepiece, or even a floor piece.