Tuesday, 16 March 2021

Rope Bowls


This is my latest fad - rope bowls made with cotton clothes line or pulley rope, using a zig-zag stitch on the sewing machine. These are satisfying and strangely soothing to make as the coils are added and all you have to concentrate on is keeping the zig-zag stitch on the right line. 

They can be round, oval, shallow or deep. They can have handles, and the rope end can be finished off in a number of ways. 

One way to add colour is to use different coloured thread. 

Another way is to dye the rope. Here I experimented with making a dye with daffodil flowers, and dip-dying the rope. 

They are surprisingly strong and hold their shape well, and they make nice gifts with a few home made biscuits or toiletries. 

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